A little more about us

Meet our Team!

Burt – Founder and IT technician, the one that started it all! He first started working on computers in the U.S. Navy in the in mid 1970’s. Working on computers as well as with people fueled him to start his computer business in 1998. While actively serving with his church in the audio department he keeps his love for audio and recording alive.

Randy – Our in store computer technician, with 30 years of computer and technology experience.

Christopher Rhys – Tech and Marketing, manages websites and social media outlets. High school student who has big ambitions for his future. He loves photography, and music as he is a musician. He is learning his way into the recording and audio world as well. Also fascinated by the world of engineering and construction and they are taking its influences on his life.

Justin – Our on site technician, He has worked on computers for 15 years and computers have always been an interest of his, especially the hardware aspects. He has always maintained an interest in technology for the sole purpose of that understanding is the key to evolving with it. He enjoys developing professional relations with clients and building trust. Justin has great satisfaction from creating foundations and structures of personal computing as well as business environments.

What Our Clients Say

Burt has an incredible ability to build great working machines at a reasonable price. Very knowledgeable.
Thom Davis
Great service! My computer had several issues but Agape was able to solve with a simple fix. Definitely recommend!
K Alverson
I left my "alien inhabited" Chromebook with them yesterday and today it has been SAVED! I was concerned about how much it would cost, but much to my delight the bill was $50.00 with outstanding customer service!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
C Peterman
Honest, trustworthy and does an excellent job. Can't say enough about this amazing family.
C and A Blackmon